Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tagged by Nisa-chan!! | Stuff about me~

Salam~ :)

A few hours back while i was still in my bed, Nisa-chan tagged me with this entry of her entitled:
Tags from Aisyah-chan~...| Stuff about me.
Hurm, mostly the entry revolved around the number of 11. yup, I have to give 11 facts about myself, answer 11 questions and also have to tag 11 bloggers. Dem, y u want so many? Never mind then. I would put my heart into it since it was from Nisa.

before i forget, the rules are:

1 . You must post this rules in your entry.
2 . Each person must post about themselves in their entry.
3 . Answer the question than tagger set for you in their post. And create eleven new questions for new people you tagged to answer.
4 . You have to choose eleven people to tag link them on the post.
5 . Go to their page and tell them you have tagged HIM/HER.
7 . No stuff in tagging section ''YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOU READING THIS''.
' -a.k.a REALY , TRUST , WITH ALL HONEST- have tag eleven people.

Let's the journey begins, shall we?

The facts about myself (Oh God, really? I doubt if anyone wants to know bout it, I'm just an ordinary one)

1) I love bunny, cats and those things which are undeniably cute. (Even cute dogs i dun mind, or pig)

2) I'm technically and practically a huge fan of anime and manga. Not a major otaku. But still, I could consider myself a die-hard fan. Currently, I'm reading Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, and some others. While at those, my current anime-in-line-to-be-watched are Persona 4, Shakugan No Shana 3, Natsume Yuujinchou 3, etc. Fav one: Gundam series. Seriously, daebak!

3) Not to forget, though I am a girl, and my age is beyond 19, I'd still watch Kamen Rider Fourze, and Sentai series Gokaiger. (Basically, they are Masked Rider and Power Rangers Japanese ones)
they can change form to previous power rangers (not only red)
the red gokaiger is somewhere fighting, and the others come to help. 

4) I want to learn Nihon-go and Hangeul since I was still in primary school. But, I'd never got the chance to learn them formally. Now, I'm trying to learn Nihon-go D.I.Y style (Hangeul mou ne)
5) I'm going to graduate this year.
6) My favorite celebrities are YUI, Yuya Matsushita, UverWorld, 2pM, BigBang, 2NE1, T-ara, etc.

7) I'm the type of person who doesn't look friendly. But, when we know each other well, you will be lol'ing a lot cause i dunno, my friends said that I'm hilarious. Not me, they were the ones who said that.
8) The usual me won't bring about problem and to discuss it with people. I would keep it to myself and I've my own savior, Allah~9)  I could be emo sometimes.
10) I love to play play-station games. (i am girl, so what? girl can't play meh?) Fav: Kingdom Hearts, Gundam, Persona 4. and also, I love Supernatural. yeshhh!

11) I'm going to have my own car. Soon!

Enuff about myself. Let's move on to next one, 11 QUESTIONS! from Nisa-chan.

1. Where in this world would you like to go for a vacation?
-First of all, I want to perform Hajj in Mekah. Then, I would like to visit Japan, Korea, England.
2. What's your dream car?
-Hurm, I admire those super-luxury sport cars, but I think, I would like to have those that me can afford. LOL. For now, Satria Neo? ~.~
3. When's your b'day?
-August 4. I'm Leo, rawr~
4. What genre of movie do you like? (romantic, comedy, thriller, action, horror etc)
-All kinds of movie as long as they don't fall into a category labeled as YAWN, BORING!
5. Does your family support you having a blog?
-Actually, for the previous blog of mine, yup, they did. This one? Nahhhh~ :P
6. What time of the day/night do you usually go online?
-24/7? X3
7. What inspires you to write a post in your blog?
8. What languages do you know?
-Malay (obviously right? X3) English, and very tiny bits of Mandarin, Nihon-go, Hangeul, Arabic.
9. Have you added me on Facebook or Skype yet?
-Yup, but only at Facebook though, Nisa-chan~
10. When are you going to hang out with me?
-InshaAllah ne, Nisa-chan.
11. What makes you come to this blog of mine (Nisa-chan no berogo?
-Because of you, silly~ <3 kekeke

Now, the tagging part~ I'm sorry, guys, I had to. I'm innocent here~ keh3. (kalo korang xwat pn xpe k)
AiRa | Masz Sidek | ct luna | Sabrey | missina | Bro Zamani | profmie | normi | AG | MEllY | zyralleya

You have to answers these 11 Qs:
1) Mimpi paling indah?
2) Mimpi paling ngeri?
3) Ade berapa ringgit dalam wallet/purse anda?
4) Ape jenama henfon anda?
5) Jenama lappy anda pula?
6) Dah berapa lama berblog?
7) Cita-cita masa kecik2?
8) Relationship status anda? ekekeke XP
9) Kalo anda dapat melancong, ke manakah destinasi anda?
10) Samsung Galaxy Tab atau i-Pad,  mana satu lagi besh bagi anda?
11) Bagi anda, kereta apa sesuai untuk golongan belia cam kita nie ha? (bajet mude lettew)


tehee~ :P


  1. meh saya jadi sensei nihongo nanabyte.heheheh

  2. thanks dik for tagging me,,so sorry,not for this time,,already done before,,huhu,,rasa macam nk muntah pun ade jelajah blog yg nak ditag,jwb soalan dan create soalan lg,,huhuhu

  3. HAHAHA esok exam so nanti leeya jawab ehh ^^

  4. ngehehehe.. arigato ne, nana-chan for answering my Qs.. ^_^

    1. Yeah, going to Makkah to perform Hajj is better, hehe.. yeah, let's go to Japan, Korea & England (been there, hehe..)
    2. Owh, Satria Neo.. will you be getting that car soon?
    3. Owh, a month before mine.. ^_^
    4. yup3.. true..
    5. why? coz there are too many pics of Sam & Dean, is it? hehe.. XP
    6. hoho..same as me then.. XD
    7. yup3... true again..
    8. waa~..sugoi ne.. you know a lot of languages.. let's learn nihongo together.. isshoni nihongo o benykoushimashoo~!! >_<
    9. ngehehehehe... XP
    10. when when when? lalala~.. *ngade2 jap*
    11. hihihihihihihi~... ^_^

  5. wah..bnyknya soaln..okay sy jwb..
    1.mimpi ?? mcm2x lah..hihi
    2. peh..yg ni pUn mcm2x jg..xperlu ar sy gtaw detail.. ni bhye ckit..around rm30 only..hihi..
    4.just simple ericson J10i2..but when i have more money i'll be to buy samsung galaxy..hihi
    6.dh lme dftr blog sejk mei thun bru awl januari ni nak aktf b'blog..sblumni duk bce blog org len jea.. electrical / electronic & architecture
    8.hehe.,before this, i'm relationship..but now,i'm single.
    9.Klu bleh g tunaikn Haji dlu di Mekah..n then klu mampu,off course..i want to travel going to Japan, Korea & London.hihi..
    10.maybe, i-Pad sy,..kete Saga FL or myvi..

  6. ouh...bnyk nye soalan...@_@
    insyaAllah nanti free I jawab :)

  7. sy dah jawab... tq sudi tag sy..

  8. hehehe dah jawab dehhh. amekkk

  9. @arelan wahhh, sensei nak ajar sy? bile boleh mule kelas?

    @missina i understand, rase terpukul gak nie

    @profmie wah jwb kat sni pn boleh ke? xpe la xkesah

    @ct luna: baiklah. nant nana visit k

    @masz sidek: wokeyy

    @lleya: cominnnggg


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