Saturday, 30 June 2012

Review anime Sakamichi no Apollon

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Da lama tak updet belog dalam bahasa pasar kan? Haaa, patutnya cakap da lama xupdet belog je kan?? haha :D sebenarnya Nana punya lappy hadapi masalah. maklum la lappy tua. banyak la ragamny. adoiyai.

Nana bukan nak komplen pasal lappy di sini k. Saje nak introduce kat peminat tegar anime di luar sana akan kewujudan anime Sakamichi No Apollon. Anime ne peneman di kala sunyi Nana. Hahaha *bunyi angin sejuk di belakang*

cter ni mengenai Kaoru si nerd dan Sentaro si samseng sekolah. Tetapi muzik jazz menyatukan dua hati ini yang berlainan perangai. Untuk mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut, apa kata anda sendiri menontonnya. Kompom xnyesal. hehe.

Bagi Nana, anime ni mempunyai jalan cerita yang sangat menarik. Irama muzik jazz yang digunakan dalam anime sangat sedap didengar. Dalam cter ni ade la sket love2 genre. Tapi tidak disentuh secara mendalam. Lebih kepada genre persahabatan sejati.

Secara keseluruhan anime ni sesuai di tonton oleh semua lapisan masyarakat peminat anime. Nana bagi 4.5/5.0 rating untuk anime ne. Mungkin Nana bias. Tapi dah Nana suke sangat. wat cane. hahahaha :D

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Genius is on the way! Omo3....


Hello peeps. Did the title makes you puzzle? Oh yeah! Have you recall that i used to be a substitute teacher? Yeah, I got my salary a few days before and the first I did with a small amount of it was to grant one of my wishlist. Alhamdulillah, rezki from Allah.

So, since i am an amateur doodler, i want to enhanced my drawing skills in lappy. Before this, I used my mouse to draw doodles and it took a lot of time cause dealing with such an old mouse was really a hassle. My mouse is getting old each day and it troubles me a lot. ~,~

Tadaaaaa! Though not as classy as Wacom Bamboo or Wacom Cintiq, it is still recommended by other graphic artists.

How does it look? I prefer this one cause it is small and flat and compat and cute and the color is just plain nice. So, after this I don't have to use mouse for my doodling arts anymore. I can put it to rest for the mean time. hahahaa :D

Its name? Genius Easypen i405.

The dealer said he shipped this item today, so I will be expecting to receive it either tomorrow or on Thursday. I hope it arrives tomorrow. I just can't wait to 'CHEWI' anymore. muahahaha :D

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Less-in-words Thurday: Kucing pergi kerja? :3

Assalamualaikum wbt.

P/s: If I am this cat's boss, I would never fire him. He will be my fav staff. :3
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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Planet Venus was transiting the Sun. alololo, cute. :)


Seperti yang anda sedia maklum, hari ini terdapat suatu fenomena alam semulajadi iaitu Planet Venus (Zuhrah) melintasi depan Matahari. In other words, the Earth is in allignment with Venus and the Sun. That's why we saw the silhouette of the Venus in front of the Sun.

Nampak? Ala, cam bintik hitam kecik comel-comel je kat tepi tu ha. Itulah Venus.

Ha, ni gambar close-up Venus menghampiri Matahari. Kecik je kan? :)

Such phenomenon was viewed by many people. Got any Malaysian able to view this phenomenon? It's very cloudy here (kat tempat Nana). :|

Sumber images: NASA
Hosted: tumblr

build castle in the air??


chup chup~ i mean, understand what's the title means? yes, yes. i'm trying to build a castle on clouds. wait, what? is that even possible? ;D

for the past few days, i was having 'quality' time with ps2 since my brother was away. Lol, he is a freshie at some local university, so now, i'm taking his spot as free-loader at this house. opps. :D Luckily, my other brother is going to come home soon. Why lucky? Well, he could be my driver (though i can drive now, but of course father won't let me drive alone without co-pilot).

seriously, since I have a lot a free time so I was having a good time doodling in my sketch-book. I learnt a lot from There are so many doodlers out-there with pure talents. I usually went to that site to seek reference. I mean, they're so good. Sometimes, I went youtubing. It's far more easier to learn from youtubers who are also doodlers. :)

I got this idea popping out my head. I'd been doodling in my sketchbook. Why not I try doodling using mouse? (if only I had a tablet for drawing, it's quite expensive though). The result?

Drawn in SAI. The curves aren't pretty, right? But, I guess that's what makes a doodle like this one cute eh?
(Self-praising is necessary, isn't it?) :D

enuff for now. going to sleep. nywaaarnnnnn. :D