Sunday, 27 May 2012

Say Alhamdulillah, Thank You Allah :)

Me and my other friend were really enjoy making this doodle-dakwah art. We tried to make it simple and easy for people to understand.

Hope that our dakwah are spreaded. :')

#imissmyBFF. :'|

Saturday, 19 May 2012

3 lucky winners from my first giveaway.

U might have been feeling, will i ever hold to my promise? Sorry guys, I was held back by certain circumstance so i do hope u guys won't be mad at me. Sobs3.

So, the three lucky winners are: Alya, Waney, and AreLan-sensei. Thanks for participating. ^^
Below are the winnners' doodle.

link belog: aReLan
link entry doodlify me:

link belog: Alya
link entry doodlify me:

link belog: Waney
link entry:

For the others, sorry cuz u didn't manage to win, but thanks anyway for participating in my first ever give-away. Though u guys didn't win, but u'd still win my heart. (oooooyyy, cheesy. ~.~)

Friday, 18 May 2012

Is it a necessity? Or just desire?

Hey guys. I'm currently bombarded by wedding invitation from fellow classmates during my school-year. 
Tentulah saya berasa suka-cita terhadap kebahagian yang akan mereka kecapi.
Dan tentulah saya berasa iri. Sedikit. Untunglah.

Dalam hati terdetik juga rasa nak kahwin. Iyelah, hampir semua rakan-rakan saya sudah mula menunjukkan tanda akan berakhirnya zaman bujang sedangkan saya masih lagi tengok power rangers (super sentai actually), kamen riders, anime dan layan cerita mengarut. Ho yeah. 

Hati ini pun berasa sunyi tiada berteman. Hendak pergi berjalan-jalan seorang-orang? Jangan harap ibunda ku akan membenarkan. Rindu pula saat kat KL. Saya g jalan-jalan sorang2 kat Mid Valley, tiada siapa pun culik. Iyelah, I'm not even worthy a penny pun. ahahhaha. :D

Bila digugel, orang cakap baiklah kita melangkah ke alam perkahwinan kerana keperluan bukan kerana kemahuan. Dilihat orang lain mula kahwin, kita pun nak kahwin? Padahal diri pun belum lengkap, belum matang. Tiada ciri-ciri orang yang layak berkahwin punn. Gatai je lebeyy. (adoiyai ~.~)

Bila dipikirin, benar juga kata'e. Kita disuruh untuk memperbaiki diri sebelum fikir pasal nak kahwin. Kenapa? Soal'e, ajal maut datang bukan bagi salam pon. Tup tup dah tiada esok? Acane? Sekurang-kurang'e bila kita dah perbaiki diri, at least, bila kita tak sempat berjodoh di dunia, mana tahu di akhirat kelak, kite berjodoh pula dengan makhluk Tuhan paling cun/encem di sana?? Aaaa, betul kan?

Opkai, sampey sini dulu taipan entry pada kali ni.


Saturday, 12 May 2012

Spread dakwah by collaboration with a friend. Do help us by liking our page. :)

Hey, everyone. I'm helping a friend by setting up a facebook page just to spread dakwah by using doodle. Do help us getting known. We're not doing this for fame.

The reason she set up a page out of good intention. Nothing more. (I wouldn't agree if there's something fishy about it no?)

Just click on the picture to get to our page. Arigatou gozaimasu.

I won't give up

Tonight, such a beautiful night, sing it with me now~ Auuuuuu~ (Big Bang much??)
It was such a lonely night, I'm staring blankly at this magical window of light (since I'm a Window user, lol)
Most of XXs tend to hold on things, while XYs tend to let go easily, THEY SAID. (not me)
I agreed at the holding on part, and I do not want to say anything about genderism (is that even a word?) here.
I'm the holding on, gripping tight kinda person. Yes, since in my dictionary, LOYALTY is exists.
While reminiscing of good old times, I'd remember a song. From old boy, but still good-looking, Jason Mraz.

It's such a good song. If only the other person understand. :')

Enjoy this beautifully made song everyone. N gudnite.

Monday, 7 May 2012

got infected with avengers' fever yet?

Assalamualaikum wbt.  
source: tumblr

Having these as one of ur collection? Damn awesome.


Sunday, 6 May 2012

it's not normal when this blog is updated.

Assalamualaikum wbt

okay, this is not normal. an entry published? dafuu is wrong with this belog owner?
First of all, my lappy was sick.
Second, I'd been busy like there is no tomorrow.
Third, I just got myself home.

So sorry guys, some of my works (i mean, my doodles for my first give-away) ARE GONE! =.=
Lappy was getting his treatment done, and a procedure called 'FORMATTING' was apparently conducted to him in order for proper treatment to be done. Ho Yeah, my mind said, while my eyes shed invisible tears.
I need to start my doodling again. I guess u guys were tired of waiting oredi meh?

The good news is I watched AVENGERS and IT WAS DAMN AWESOME WEII! (okay, that's not what i was going to tell you).
The other good news is school holidays are coming real soon, and I will be in FREEDOM mode, yatta!
Thus, EXPECT some entries from this LAME BELOG guys. nyeh3.


p/s: ok, that was random. -.-