Saturday, 19 May 2012

3 lucky winners from my first giveaway.

U might have been feeling, will i ever hold to my promise? Sorry guys, I was held back by certain circumstance so i do hope u guys won't be mad at me. Sobs3.

So, the three lucky winners are: Alya, Waney, and AreLan-sensei. Thanks for participating. ^^
Below are the winnners' doodle.

link belog: aReLan
link entry doodlify me:

link belog: Alya
link entry doodlify me:

link belog: Waney
link entry:

For the others, sorry cuz u didn't manage to win, but thanks anyway for participating in my first ever give-away. Though u guys didn't win, but u'd still win my heart. (oooooyyy, cheesy. ~.~)


  1. hahahah...comey2.time kasih nana-chan.

  2. Alhamdulillah. Menang jugak. Doodle tu comel. Thanks Kak Nana :)

  3. yahuuu..menang jgk..tengss..chumeyl..;)


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