Wednesday, 6 June 2012

build castle in the air??


chup chup~ i mean, understand what's the title means? yes, yes. i'm trying to build a castle on clouds. wait, what? is that even possible? ;D

for the past few days, i was having 'quality' time with ps2 since my brother was away. Lol, he is a freshie at some local university, so now, i'm taking his spot as free-loader at this house. opps. :D Luckily, my other brother is going to come home soon. Why lucky? Well, he could be my driver (though i can drive now, but of course father won't let me drive alone without co-pilot).

seriously, since I have a lot a free time so I was having a good time doodling in my sketch-book. I learnt a lot from There are so many doodlers out-there with pure talents. I usually went to that site to seek reference. I mean, they're so good. Sometimes, I went youtubing. It's far more easier to learn from youtubers who are also doodlers. :)

I got this idea popping out my head. I'd been doodling in my sketchbook. Why not I try doodling using mouse? (if only I had a tablet for drawing, it's quite expensive though). The result?

Drawn in SAI. The curves aren't pretty, right? But, I guess that's what makes a doodle like this one cute eh?
(Self-praising is necessary, isn't it?) :D

enuff for now. going to sleep. nywaaarnnnnn. :D

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