Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Contest "Blog Paling Ceria + Cute" by Hana

Assalamualaikum wbt

When I first went through my emails this morning, i had this hunch that Nisa-chan would pay me big time for always making her victimized by me. Yeah, obviously I was right. I was tagged by her in a contest held by Hana. Below is the clickable banner linked to Hana's belog.

I dun have any ideas at where Nisa-chan find my belog as cute or cheerful. It's just a simple belog with such not-quite-cute doodle on top as header. But, I am really thankful for Nisa-chan for even considering mine as one. Thanks a lot, Nisa-chan.

Tagging is not necessary, and since I know there is a bunch of my belog's followers who have nice, pretty, cute and cheerful belog; Can I just tag all of you, my belog's followers? except nisa-chan since she was the one tagged me.

ok, to all my 174 followers (at the time this entry is typed in), U R SO TAGGED! kekekekekeke :3

tehee~ :P


  1. but unfortunately dear, blog sy tak cute dan tak ceria. hehe.

  2. salam..
    datang dari segmen yg same.. goodluck dear =.=


  3. ngehehehehe.. XD
    payback time, right?


Assalamualaikum wbt.

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