Thursday, 7 February 2013

U can actually see imperfections within me.


It has been a while since we spoke in English, right? Not that I was so lazy to get everything translated. We should give both language, Malay and English, an equality. So yeah, today's entry is in English. Please bear with me.

I'm not going to do the talking for today. I'm gonna explain to you what I meant by seeing imperfections within me. The best way to do so? The Pictures will explain well than I am, I think.  :)

Pictures look perfect, because of the low quality camera, and photo editor. Just because I was obsessed with perfection. Yet I am my own imperfection. Getting insecure is my imperfection. My chibiness is my imperfection.

The thing is nobody is perfect. Yet, it's hard to make believe. Because people always love to be judgmental.

p/s: Does every single thing in this entry makes sense to you?

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  1. you think you are imperfect , but from others view you are perfect :)


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