Saturday, 24 March 2012

doodle for my friend.

Assalamualaikum wbt

If u notice, I wasn't around for a quite sometimes kan?
I'm busy, helping my teacher with her assignments, doodling for all the participants from my segment.
A friend of mine wanted me to draw her a doodle after she saw me using a dp pic that looks like it is a passport id photos (but, it's a doodle). Since she is really nice to me, so i agreed to help her.

So, this is the result, since my friend is going to be a teacher, so i made a doodle of her, aspiring teacher in a doodle form. She was very happy of it, of course. hehe. I was glad that i can make her happy.

of course, she is my friend from my another fb accounts. n of course, different watermark has been put there.

ps: to all the participants of my segment, be patient, doodle in the making. but it's quite a job u knw. coz most of you has different poses and i was like, how am I supposed to make it in a doodle form? I should have ask for passport id, it would be much easier then. *ranting*


  1. buat laaa utk aku satu :(((

  2. sabar tgg nana lukis doodle..hihih..

  3. comeynye doodle..wat la tuto..tringin gak nk wat doodle sndri..hehe..


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