Saturday, 14 January 2012

They explain almost everything | Nanabyte on hiatus! sobs3

So, i was like 

having breakfast just now while it came to me that,
Allah, there's a few days left for my remaining papers.

So, I think I should stop whatever I am doing now. But since, this guy said,
(procrastinate? it means, to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done)
hence, explaining the reason for this blog to be updated.

When i checked, Nanabyte gained 100 followers. Oh yeah. Confetti anyone?
Confetti! It's a parade!

Whos the lucky person that hit my 100 points followers?

yeap, this lucky fellow~

atau nama pemiliknya, Aida Omar~ 
will come visit your soon dear~


I got three papers left till i finally end my study in UM~
since this will be the last exam week, I will study smart and hard!

okaaaay, gonna hit books!

till then, when i'm done with exams, enjoying my last days in UM, enjoying my life in KL, and packing my stuffs, I promise you all,
I would update and update,
and blogwalking, blogjogging, blogrunning nonstop.

tehee~ :P

p/s: 1) I am a big fan of Supernatural hence, the biased gif spam. lol~
2) I am on tumblr too. LMAO a lot there~ X3 Hence explaining where de heck i got all thosegifs. :P



  1. congrats dah cecah 100.heheheh...gudluck la ye untuk paper yang tinggal.

    ps : tkde ganbare yaro tau. yaro mmg tak seswai.ganbarou ok kot.ganbarou = ayuh berusaha.hehehe

  2. @aReLaN

    terima kaseh abe arelan. :P

    aah, silap pulak. da tukar da. X3

  3. yosh~!! ganbatte ne, nana-chan~!!

    alamak, arelan pakar Jpnese eh? leh aa mintak die tlg ajr2kn, btul x nana-chan? ^_^

    sy tgl lg 1 paper je ari isnn nie, ngehehe.. >_<

  4. @Nisa Greennnpanda

    yosh!! arigatou-ne nisa chan~

    isk, @areLan ni pakar, cume dye xkan ngaku pakar jew. tehee~ :P

    ye ke? omakaii. ganti nana amek lg 2 paper boleh? :P


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