Monday, 17 September 2012

what's in trend for our neck? a statement necklace!

Assalamualaikum wbt.
Zul-Kaedah 1st, 1433H

What's up, peeps? I'm not going to talk about random stuff today. I found something related to fashion and i feel why not i share it with you guys. If you're a fashion geek, of course you will be alert of the latest fashion in trend. Honestly, I'm not that fashionable, obviously not a fashionista. But, I've been following updates from some fashion bloggers, Look-bookers (though takdela stalker sangat9) hehe.

So, lately, i noticed something quite interesting, falling under the category of accessories. If you all perasan, trend sekarang, kita pakai some things yang kontra, or another quite catchy term: color-block. So, if we're wearing accessory which is contrast to the clothes that we put on our body, perhaps it's called accessory-block?? (Dun mind me, saja-saja memandai jerr) kekeke :D

Today, I'm going to ramble about necklace-in-trend. Oh yeah! MashaAllah, all of'em is so pretty. I kinda like every details on each necklace, absolutely looking fabulous if i got to wear one. *___*.
Look at some pictures I managed to Google. Aren't they cute? >_____<

quite contrast and huge right? But, it is a STATEMENT. Telling others, Hey, I'm not a dull person. :) 
*_________*. I'm quite like this one too. 
Look, if you're wearing plain tops, these necklaces would definitely make you look NOT BORING AT ALL. In other words, CHIC~

There's another type of necklace which I'm a big fan of. Tadaahh, the Collar necklace. Especially the peter-pan version. Absolutely in love with the details. >________<

Peter-pan Collar Necklace
A model wearing Peter-pan Collar Necklace. PRETTY, aye? 
Another type of collar necklace. Looking awesome!
Okay, now's here is the problem. How to wear these MUST HAVE ITEMS (ok, for me. kekeke) if we're wearing hijabs? Tahu tak phrase: Bila ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan? Tapi, jangan melampaui batas-batas dalam agama kita sudah lah. Hehe. I googled and found a picture of a lady wearing hijab and a necklace similar to what I posted above. See, Hijabers can do it too. :)

Contoh pemakaian. Still can be modified supaya our chest is covered properly. hehe : P
Since i terlebih rajin hari nie, i siap tolong cari kat you guys, tutorial pakai hijab + accessories. haaa. Tutorial by blogshop shawlbyvsnow (tekan link utk ke fb page beliau, i pn customer dye hehe)

So, how was it? Okey tak? Hehehe. Sharing is caring kan? N that's all for my update today :)

PS: Images are not mine. Source: Google Images.

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  1. yeah, I'm a noob too when it comes to fashion.. XD

    necklace? I have 3 necklaces (hasil mnang GA/contest) but xpakai coz xreti nk pakai ngan bj ape, huhuhuhu~...


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