Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Picture-more Wednesday - Know your shoes, ladies - Part 1

Assalamualaikum wbt~
Zulkaedah 3rd, 1433H

Well, here it comes again. Wednesday. What happen on Wednesday? Yup, wordless Wednesday. So, why I typed so much? Hehe, kan wordless, not word-lack~ Duhhh. >___<

Okay, let's swim into the ocean full of fishes called shoes!!!!!!!! ^o^
Mari berkenalan dengan "ikan-ikan" ini yew. Kena tahu macam mana rupenyew. supaya takde la blank lau orang tanya kan? hehehe ;3

"Fish" #1: Ankle straps
Jenis yang bertali-tali pada buku lali/ankle.

kelas kau jahhh. 
jimmy choo's ankle strap *_*

Contoh pemakaian. Boleh modify lagi tuk si muslimah. ^.^

"Fish" #2 - Ballet flat aka ballerina flat
kasut tutup yang rata/flat on the ground ala-ala ballerina konon. ^.^

cute kan? >.<

Pretty! ;)
Well-known celebrities with their ballerina flats. ^,^
Contoh pemakaian. Hijabers, please think macam mana nak cover aurah betul2 kay. :)
"Fish" #3 - Kitten Heels
a must have shoes for women with career. Kitten heels have thin-based low heels providing comfort while boosting confident. ^__^

pretty-licious~~ LOL

Contoh pemakaian dengan kitten heels. Sesuai kan utk wanita bekerjaya. hehe. :D
"Fish" #4 - French Heels
medium height shoes with heels that are chunkier than kitten heels. i couldn't get much infos on these. :'(

nice~~ ^_^
"Fish" #5 - Mary Janes
Distinctive feature of M.Janes is that it has a single/double straps crossed the middle top of de shoes. Most of these shoes have round toed, and they come with varying heights and styles. Feeling like old-school lately? 

ayuh kembali ke sekolah! awww, mude je rase. >_<
aummmm. i loike~ hehe
canteknyewwwww. kan kan kan?

contoh pemakaian. kelas kau jemaaah. ^_^
"Fish" #6 - Mules
Senang jerr. Kasut yang bertutup di depan, tapi terbuka di belakang. kasut sarung separuh je la, in other words kot. hehe. 
flat mules

clog mules

boat mules 
kasut croc pn boleh?
heels mules
contoh pemakaian dengan mules. Hijabers, this look could still be modified kan? :)
That's all for now. Amacam??? hahaha.
TO BE CONTINUED............................

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  1. ok, now I'm learning shoes 101, hoho.. XD
    I'm more keen in wearing flats.. no heels, huhu~.. "-_-


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