Friday, 21 September 2012

Curiosity kills the cat, especially the copycat

Assalamualaikum wbt~

Perhaps this will be a rage entry? I found something that could trigger my blood to boil. 

source; as imprinted on the pic. 
Seriously people? I mean, could you think of something of your own? or at least make your own version of it? Hey, why don't I copy yours? It will be fair then, right? Please don't leave me butt-hurt alone. -__-"

Plagiarism? Not cool at all. Oh, kalau ikut rasa dan jiwa I, dah lama I nak calonkan nama you dan malukan you dalam entry nie. Tapi bila I fikir balik, maybe my work inspires you, and you dunno the right way to channel your admiration. Kesian kat you kan. (kenapa I pulak yang perasan ne?)

or a spell has been cast on you?? okay, we need to work on  how to lift the spell from you. -.-
source: yugi-oh wikia

I admit, belog I belum setahun jagung, followers I pun tak ramai macam you. Like seriously? Walaupun I tak sefamous you, at least I buat research. If orang lain dah buat, I akan cuba buat dalam versi I sendiri. If I amek gambar/video orang, I akan letak sumbernya dari mana. Kalau tak, dah lama orang butt-hurt dengan I tau dak?
I maafkan you. But to earn something that you'd lost, probably not. 

If copycat is a cute as this cat, well, I would glad to be one.
source: via tumblr 

Thank you.

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