Sunday, 22 July 2012

Wish is granted.

Assalamualaikum wbt
"Alhamdulillah. Now i can fulfill my wish"
Yes, my inner thought when i checked my account last week. The last quarter of my salary from previous work as substitute teacher was already banked in. Thanks, Allah~ <3

I'd been eyeing on something called polaroid camera. The one which has its own film-processing built-in. As i was surveying all night long for days, i made a decision that i had to submit myself to Fujifilm Instax Mini 25. My body was ready! LOL

There were quite a range of price selling offline and online. I thought the offline one would be quite cheaper. No, it wasn't. So, i went and look for the one on sale online. I happened to stumble upon a community forum surveil by There was a thread called Garage sales and I was eager to find out what is this all about. There were another sub-threads inside, and tadaah, a sub-thread called Camera and Photography appeared. That was where i'd finally bought my lovely baby.

TADAAHHH! Cute aight?? I happened to know that Song Joong Ki was some sort of ambassador for Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 in Korea. How cool is that????

hehehe. I bought it at promotion price; free postage + free film
Rilakkuma was not included. Kikikiki :3

p/s: Break-fast time is just a few minutes away. Selamat berbuka, kawan-kawan


  1. wah..byk x dpt salary buln x kje jd guru gnti..

    p/s:eh,kwn awk yg Nisa-chan (student UM)npe dh xupdate blog ek?

  2. mie-kun, gaji erm. bolehlah utk tampung diri sendiri. saya pakai level spm cuz lom dpt degree ag. hehe.

  3. woww,,minat ek kamera camni,,trus leh kuar gmbr kan,,kiut jugk,,;)


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