Tuesday, 24 July 2012

untitled post - is a title too. ^___^

Assalamualaikum, date today: Ramadan 4th.

Yesterday, I tested my baby boo, Mini 25. I read the manuals provided and Alhamdulillah, it was quite easy to understand. Then, it was about the time i put its films inside. I was in extra-careful mode because who knows I could have break it somehow. Oh my precious.

Everything went smoothly until I found out that i did not have subject for my test-capture (?). I look around and then, I look at the mirror and saw my own reflection. Hey, why not my own self??

So, here's the lovely results. Hehe. ^.^

Pardon me for hurting your eyes. hehe.

p/s: Tarawikh ke-5, Juzuk ke 5 (expectation), Tarawikh ke-4, Juzuk ke 3 (reality). sobs.

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