Friday, 27 July 2012

BLINK! A week has passed by.

Assalamualaikum, Ramadan the 7th

It seems like almost a blink of the eye. A week has passed by. 3 weeks to go. How was your first quarter of Ramadan? Actually, I don't really wanna hear or read or see your fancy break-fast delicacies. Because, food is not the main event in Ramadan right? People nowadays seem to think it that way. *Sigh*

Apart from that, I was quite shock of teenagers these days. I do not know if applicable to all teenagers around Malaysia, but it is, in my place. Why suddenly I brought up about teenager? FYI, I am currently working as secondary school substitute teacher. I know teenage years is such a rebellious phase, believe me, i'd been there, but I certainly could not fathom of some, not obeying the rules. Not just rules, or school rules. It's Allah's rules. You know what, there were a few Muslims students caught eating in public, in Ramadan, like they were the boss. O' Allah, were they not feel ashamed of behaving such ways?

Let's turn to happy part of this entry. Hehe. I bought a 'Kuih Raya'. It's called 'Biskut Makmur' or 'Biskut Arab'. Weird? My co-worker looked at me that way. Ehhh? Why? I should not buy a traditional cookies? I tried it after tarawikh last night. It was perfectly made to satisfy my desire of having a delicious Makmur. I feel 'peace'. hihihohohooho.

#end of entry. enjoy eye-candy from pika-cat. keke.



  1. budak zaman skang memang la.orang tua pon sama. slumber je makan depan orang ramai.aiyaa

  2. truk btul budk zmn nsib bek msh ade yg baik..hehe..

    lorh..minat kuih tu jg ae..


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